Agent For Tenants

Are you too busy to search the market every day?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the different agents, websites and optional properties?

Millions of people rent homes every single year and spend hours and hours of our already busy schedules for the sake of searching, comparing communicating with different landlords, viewing houses, applying and moving. The truth is that you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by focusing on your other aspects of life and delegate this task to the experts – Realtors.

How much is it?

The cost to you as a tenant: $0.

That’s right. In our market these days, us, agents are getting paid by the landlords and therefore tenants enjoy the expertise, time, energy and knowledge basically for free.

Why spending so much time and energy on searching when you can work with an agent and get all the listings on the market, directly from the MLS (multi listing service) to your mobile device?

Step by Step:

Here is a step by step guide to how to hire me as your agent to help find your next home:

Step 1: Requirements. Fill out the quick form on the next page. The more details and accurate information you provide the better results you’d receive.

Step 2: Receive results. We will hand pick listings that match your exact requirements and budget and send you a list of optional homes. Then you will receive a daily update directly from MLS with new matches.

Step 3: Hire me for free. You will receive 2 emails: The first, a Consumer Notice as required by law for eSign.

Step 4: Paperwork. Once executed we will provide you by email with a Tenant Agency Agreement for you to approve by eSign.

Step 5: Viewings. We meet together to view as many homes as you like until you find your perfect match.

Step 6: Negotiations and applications. We assist you in applying for the different desired homes and negotiate the details, price and terms of the lease.

Step 7: Apply. Fill out a one time rental application and pay online. We will receive in return a NTN report and a score which would be used for applying once you choose your perfect home.

Step 8: Pay and Move in. Once application is accepted, you can finally sign a lease with the landlord, make your monthly payment and receive a key to your new home.


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