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As a Buyer Agent, I will represent your interests at all times:  As my Client, you can expect to be at the top of my to do list, use my skills and knowledge to search diligently for a property that fits your needs and have my fiduciary duty to you of:  Loyalty, Confidentiality, Disclosure, Obedience, Reasonable care and diligence, Accounting.

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I am dedicated to working hard for my clients, and if they are dissatisfied with the outcomes, I take it personally. If you choose to utilize my services for purchasing your next investment property, my objective is straightforward: ensuring that you acquire an exceptional income-generating investment property that yields the anticipated returns.

Alternatively, if you enlist my assistance in finding a home for you and your family, my aim is to receive feedback from you after you have settled in, expressing your happiness and satisfaction with your new home, confirming that it aligns with your initial expectations prior to the purchase.

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